transport guests with green screen...

What is a green screen photo booth?

let your guests travel the world

The power of green screen to transport your guests anywhere in the universe is only limited by your imagination. Want to give everyone astronaut helmets and make it look like they’re walking on the moon? Easy! Want to give everyone diving helmets and make it look like they’re walking on the bottom of the ocean? Done!

If you can think it (and find an appropriately sized image for it), it can be done. Whether your event is themed or general, allowing your guests the option to make it look like they’ve gone somewhere spectacular always makes for a party favorite.

Green Screen Gives them options...

Giving your guests options is one of the most important aspects of photo booths. You’re not making them stand still for a group photo – you’re allowing them to interact in a way that they choose. It’s not just about the props that people find so appealing. It’s really the ability to personalize their experience and capture it in the moment. Since we live in an age where practically EVERYONE takes selfies with their mobile phones, being forced into a more formal environment can feel stifling when it comes to taking professional photographs. Photo booths are the pressure release valve for giving you control over aesthetics but handing over the power to your guests.

Make the green screen work for you...

Find a background image that conveys something related to your theme, OR something related to your organization or overall history. For example, if you’re renting one for a wedding, you might want to include images of the places the couple will be visiting on their honeymoon. If you’re renting it for a corporate event and you have offices in multiple cities, you may want to include backdrops of the most beautiful cities to emphasis the value of the company’s reach. Whatever your event, see if you can make the green screen work for you so your guests have an image with a story related to the overall theme.

Give your guests a way to let loose...

Whatever you end up doing for your event, remember the two underlying functions of the photo booth, which are to a) help people take photographs to advertise their experience and b) to relieve tension! It’s incredibly important to make sure, as noted above, you have a pressure release valve in place to get people to loosen up and have a great time. Find whatever makes the most sense for your particular situation. Photo booths are an incredibly affordable and accessible way to accomplish this, but they’re not the only way. Let us know if you have questions or would just like to brainstorm.

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