The power of moving images...

What's An Animated Photo Booth?

Want to harness the loop?

The Animated Photo Booth is great for creating images on a loop for social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Because the use of loops is so prevalent (think Instagram’s “Boomerang”), giving your guests the ability to create these types of images in a controlled environment will give your event an edge.

why do animated images work so well?

Perhaps the biggest reason the Animated Photo Booth is so successful with guests is that they are likely already used to using their mobile phones to create similar loops for social media. This gives them an immediate familiarity with the medium, which helps to put them at ease so they can have fun in a formal setting. In this way, it satisfies the most important function of event photo booths – to relieve tension! Photo booths help loosen people up for socializing in a way that’s familiar, and at the same time allows the event organizers (you) an element of control over the experience.

Let your guests go crazy...

Let your guests go crazy – it doesn’t cost you much in time or money. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a photo booth for your event is the fact that it requires little to no preparation on your part. As soon as you’ve located the most appropriate place for the booth, the rest can be handled without you. Which makes it an incredibly light-weight and scalable activity that you can essentially “Set and Forget”. You’ll be happy you provided an opportunity for fun at a reasonable cost AND your guests will reward your decision with a memorable experience they can load onto social media to advertise. Animated Photo Booths win all around!

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