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Why you should hire a wedding videographer

Pictures are forever, but videos capture emotions in motion

Hiring a professional videographer often feels like an unnecessary added expense. Hiring a photographer comes first, so why hire a videographer as well? It’s a valid question, but it’s one that tends to get answered quickly when a wedding video is seen for the first time. Wedding photography is undeniably a vital cornerstone of anyone’s big day. But videos will stimulate your memories years into the future – in ways photographs cannot.

Life has infinitely more details than photographs can capture...

Let’s face it – life is chaotic. More often than not, photographs become more about cancelling out all of the confusing noise for a cohesive string of meaningful action. If a couple’s running down a pier in their wedding day bests, there’s no need to capture the warehouse district dotting the shore, or the fishing boat nearby filled with the leftover bits and pieces of that morning’s catch. Instead, you’re going to hone in on the couple, and use whatever vantage point best tells the story of their journey together. Unfortunately, there is a lot of the story that gets left out due to the limited scope of the medium of photography itself.

Video lets you capture more...

Videos allow you to retain the storyline you’re after while including far more details than a photograph allows for. Photographs are so all inclusive that you essentially get one shot at conveying the meaning of the moment. Videos let you build upon the details to tell a more comprehensive story that will help you stir up memories in a way not possible with static photography alone. The small things that you generally tend to not think about – the smell of the flowers at your wedding, the quality of the light pouring down on you, and the expressions of your guests – can all be brought back through a professional video.

You can share more with a video...

The reality is, some of the people who are near and dear to you and your beloved will not be able to make it to your wedding. Rarely do all of the stars align to the point that EVERYONE in your group of family and friends can be fully present for every aspect of your big day. Videos allow you to share your day in a way that’s simple and comprehensive at the same time. You don’t need to show your grandmother in another state a series of 100 photographs (although we’re sure she’d appreciate it) – you just have to send a single link. It’s easy, painless, and allows peope to remain a part of your life from a distance.

Vows can't be photographed...

…the same goes for music and toasts. There are a lot of things that you just can’t capture with a static, two dimensional image. Videos allow you to capture the most important moments verbatim, so you don’t have to leave it up to your scrap book to get the information correct for posterity. To be sure, photography is incredibly important, but find a photographer or company that offers both photographer AND videography so you can be sure to have your bases covered.

Let us know if you need any assistance in navigating this landscape – we’d love to help you plan ahead!

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